A unique product is born: Sorì’s slow-maturing fior di latte.

An exclusive product, between tradition and innovation, ready to be exported in the world.
An absolute novelty comes to life in Sorì’s dairy production: the traditional ‘slow-maturing’ fior di latte from Campania, the result of a study that combines the traditional family method with high technology.
This fior di latte is made exclusively with high-quality milk from the upper Caserta area and from the province of Benevento, processed in the factory close to the Roccamonfina Park, a source of irreplaceable riches such as uncontaminated air, animal and plant biodiversity.
The presence of water sources, together with the milk, play a substantial role in respecting the quality standards of the company, which has always been attentive not only to the origin of the raw materials, but also to the characteristics of the finished product, to the production processes, and to the respect of hygienic and ethical standards.
The traditional ‘slow-maturing’ Fior di Latte from Campania is unique thanks to the use of only milk starter, from which the curd is obtained after the coagulation of the milk, which is left to rest from 12 to 14 hours, and then stretched at about 82/84°C in boiling water. This process and the ‘slow maturation’ give life to a product that evokes the Campania dairy tradition in an innovative way, and that can be distributed “in brine” with a short expiry date, for the local market, or “salted in paste” to guarantee a longer expiry date, for the Italian and foreign market.
“Our traditional slow-maturing fior di latte from Campania – says Gaetano Sorrentino, founding partner of Sorì Italia s.r.l. -, takes, thanks to this process, specific characteristics in terms of appearance and consistency, as well as taste and unmistakable aroma. It is ideal especially on pizza, it is a tasty product with an excellent melting capability, and it does not get burned. Our most important value is to have remained artisans despite the considerable production volumes; this product is the perfect synthesis of it, a very ancient working process which we have been developing for modern catering”.
A great novelty for the market from the company, one of the leaders in the production of Mozzarella di Bufala Campana PDO , mozzarella TSG, fior di latte and now traditional ‘slow-maturing’ fior di latte from Campania; all ingredients that find their maximum expression also as a topping for Pizza Napoletana TSG, considered an iconic delicacy all over the world.