Burrata Nobile di Roccamonfina is born.

In the heart of the natural park, the Sorì company gives life to the “noble” buffalo burrata.

 Another unmissable novelty is born in the heart of the Protected Regional Park of Roccamonfina, an area that is a source of irreplaceable natural riches, famous for its pristine air and great biodiversity of fauna and flora. It is precisely in Teano, in Sorì’s factory, that the noble Burrata di Bufala comes to life, a soft and thin layer of buffalo mozzarella which encloses a heart of mozzarella strands and cream, produced by using only 100% buffalo milk of Mediterranean breed, without preservatives and with a totally manual processing.

Buffalo burrata was born from the encounter between two products of excellence, such as the well-known cow burrata of Apulian origin, and the small buffalo mozzarella balls (namely bocconcini) with cream of the Campania tradition commonly called “cardinals”. It is a unique product, between the gastronomic traditions of two southern regions that have made the history of gastronomy in Italy. And Campania, once again, as for the Mozzarella di Bufala, distinguishes itself as the birthplace of experimentations, ideas, and creation of products destined to make history and reach our kitchens.

And therefore, if  with the right know-how of technique and manual ability the classic cow’s milk burrata can be produced all over the world, the buffalo burrata will be naturally connected and protected by its territory, thanks to a unique and irreproducible ingredient: buffalo milk.

Indeed, Sorì’s buffalo burrata was born in the same area of origin of Mozzarella di Bufala campana D.O.P., because it is strongly linked to the production of buffalo milk typical of Campania, particularly of the territory of the provinces of Caserta and Salerno, in a protected area free from pollution, rich in biodiversity, as well as a source of natural wealth such as water, the spring water that Sorì is proud to use.


History tells that it was the Bourbons who gave a great impulse to the breeding of buffaloes, and it was in the royal estate of Carditello that the dynasty created an “experimental” breeding farm where the techniques for the production of mozzarella were perfected in the ancient “bufalare”, circular masonry buildings where the production of the famous mozzarella took place. Since then it has come a long way and today Sorì’s Burrata di Bufala is more and more appreciated abroad, as well. It has crossed national and international borders and is now present in France and Germany, in the United States, in South America and Australia. Sorì’s Burrata di Bufala is a product destined to be known all over the world. 

This is how the vast dairy production of excellence is enriched, together with Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP, Fior di latte tradizionale campano, Mozzarella STG, and last but not least, Ricotta.

Since 1868, Sorì has been committed to keeping the old artisan tradition alive, combining it with volumes, consistency, and quality standards of the industry. With 18000 square meters of area of which 5000 square meter indoors and 60 employees, Sorì’s factory is located in an area surrounded by nature and is among the largest and most technologically advanced plants in Southern Italy.